Danny Elfman BIRTHDAY!!!

From FORBIDDEN ZONE to PEE-WEE'S BIG ADVENTURE to BEFORE I WAKE composer Danny Elfman has always given us a unique and ...

Jerry Goldsmith WALK OF FAME Celebration

JERRY GOLDSMITH: Walk Of Fame Celebration!

We lost Jerry on July 21, 2004, but to this day and forevermore he remains one of film music's greatest stars and most legendary composers. His work is cherished by film and music fans the world over. His life, career and music continues to inspire ...

5 ?'s w/Rachel Portman - THEIR FINEST

Enjoy our latest 5 ?'s segment with Oscar winner, Rachel Portman as she talks about THEIR FINEST!

1. Did the director give you any interesting instructions or feedback to help you create the tonal palette?

RP: Their Finest is set in 1940s London during the Blitz.  The music is a mixture of orchestral wistful, thematic, at times up-tempo underscore with Themes for Catrin the protagonist and for the war.


2.  Was there a particular scene you felt was key to the film?

Alan Silvestri Birthday Tribute !


Time and time again Alan Silvestri has proven himself a skillful composer who can tackle any genre from the tender feather theme in "Forrest Gump" to the action heavy scores like "The A-Team" and "Predator." Enjoy this playlist as you discover why Alan Silvestri is still one of the most sought after composers working in the industry today! Happy Birthday Maestro!
Alan Silvestri Spotify Birthday Playlist: http://tinyurl.com/q8v7yv6

Jerry Goldsmith BIRTHDAY

Happy birthday Jerry Goldsmith. We miss seeing new movies with your title: Music Composed And ...

Composer Michael Kamm 5 ?'s - SLEEPLESS

Composer Michael Kamm talks with us about his upcoming album, SLEEPLESS!

1. Did the director give you any interesting instructions or feedback to help you create the tonal palate?

MK - Well, as Bo and I are working together for so many years, our way of finding the musical language for a particular movie more and ...

WE HEAR YOU SERIES: Revenge Of The Ninja

Revenge Of The Ninja: Enhanced Edition
On Sale 1/20 @www.varesesarabande.com

Varèse Sarabande presents the next release in our “We Hear You” series, Revenge Of The Ninja: Enhanced Edition. One of our most requested releases, this ...

Five Questions w/Rupert Gregson Williams (HACKSAW RIDGE)

Recently we sat down with the composer Rupert Gregson-Williams (Open Season: Scared Silly, The Legend Of Tarzan) to discuss working on his latest musical creation with Mel Gibson, Hacksaw Ridge.
V.S.R. - 1. Describe your latest soundtrack, Hacksaw Ridge on Varese.

Studio Chat w/ Lalo Schifrin

Legendary composer Lalo Schifrin ("Mission Impossible" theme song, Rush Hour) sat down with us to discuss his score and the movie, Boulevard Nights.  Sit back and enjoy this next entry in our Studio Chat series!

Sully Composers Christian Jacob & Tierney Sutton 5 ?'s

Recently we sat down with composer Christian Jacob and Tierney Sutton who worked on and wrote music for the Clint Eastwood directed film starring Tom Hanks about the airline captain who landed a commercial plane on the Hudson River.

1. Describe the SULLY soundtrack on Varese Sarabande.
Christian Jacob: The Tierney Sutton Band (TSB) has been together for over 20 years and has been known for its collaborative process of arranging music. The scoring ...

(Photo Credit: Dave Alloca) (Christian Jacob & Tierney Sutton at the NY premiere)

Studio Chat w/ Charles Fox

Recently we sat down with composer Charles Fox (Short Circuit 2, Oh God Book 2, The Love Boat & Happy Days Theme Songs) in his studio to discuss one of his latest releases on our label, SEASONS. Sit back and enjoy as Charles discusses how this album came to be and lots of other cool tidbits! Lights, Camera, Action with Charles Fox!

Introducing the, WE HEAR YOU SERIES !

Introducing the WE HEAR YOU SERIES!
1st title: Boulevard Nights by Lalo Schifrin

In continuing with our commitment to introduce freshly-branded music series, Varèse Sarabande presents “We Hear You”, a semi-monthly, ...

World Soundtrack Awards Nominations ...

The World Soundtrack Awards have announced their second wave of nominees! Matthew Margeson has been nominated for DISCOVERY OF THE YEAR for his Eddie the Eagle soundtrack! Congrats Matthew! Carter Burwell ...


Hard to believe that it's September already! Kids go back to school. The leaves start to fall and the weather starts to grow cooler (except here in California). But the favorite autumn tradition for soundtrack collectors is that the Varèse Sarabande CD Club returns with a new batch of film music fun! See you September 19 at 10AM PST!

5 Questions With George Streicher

Please enjoy our latest 5 questions with composer George Streicher who recently scored the animated  film Howard Lovecraft & The Frozen Kingdom.  

1. How were you approached to create the music for Howard Lovecraft & The Frozen Kingdom?

GS: I was approached to do the score for Howard Lovecraft through many, many emails. Sean, the director, had reached out to me after seeing some of my work online. I think it was one particular cue of mine that stood out to him - something very dark-fantasy driven - very much Elfman-ish. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to write music in that style for a Lovecraft feature - it was right up my alley.  Not to mention - this was my first feature film score! 

2. Did the director give you any interesting instructions or feedback to help you create the tonal palate? ...

Score Stories - John Barry

Score Stories:
Enjoy this note from session cellist, Armen Ksajikian, on working with the legendary John Barry.

Working for John Barry was very predictable. He had a certain schedule of doing things. We’ll run through a piece andlibrary and they snuck in wanted to check out a lot of these scores that were in their possession. They would go through Jerry Goldsmith’s scores and would say, “there’s nothing there.” We didn’t see anything. There’s almost no music, no notes. But then when we do it (play it), it’s just like everything comes together and there was a mastery about that...

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