George S. Clinton - BIRTHDAY!!

Everyone here is wishing one of the grooviest composers working today a great birthday. 

Happy Birthday George S. Clinton!  Go put on one of your favorites by him and enjoy!


John Williams Receives A.F.I. Award

John Williams will recieve the A.F.I. Lifetime Achievement Award tonight on TNT as the American Film Institute honors a composer for the first time in their 40 plus year history.

John Williams has scored, for many of us our childhoods, whether it be the iconic two-note motif in JAWS or the clever five-note motif in CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND ...

Bryan Pezzone (Pianist) Talks James Horner

As we continue to celebrate the life and legacy of James Horner, lets hear from someone who worked with him on a variety of projects, pianist Bryan Pezzone.

"I've had the great privilege of being a pianist on many of James Horner's scores. Among them are "Bicentennial Man", "A Beautiful Mind", "Troy" ...

Neal Acree Talks James Horner

New to the Varèse Sarabande family is composer Neal Acree with his recentl game soundtrack, Revleation. Mr. Acree was an admirer of James Horner's musical gifts and had this to say about the Maestro...

Burt Bacharach Birthday Celebration !

Happy Birthday to one heck of a great composer and also songwriter, Burt Bacharach. Casino Royale and Arthur are just two of the many films he's contributed music and songs to. His work with The Carpenters is of course legendary!

Enjoy his Casino Royale album on Spotify -

Hollywood In Vienna: The World Of James Horner Blu-Ray

Varèse Sarabande Blu-ray
Coming June, 2016

On June 22 it will have been one year since we lost James Horner in a tragic plane crash. It was an unimaginable loss. A brilliant composer with a legendary career, so busy and so vital to his film music community, lost so suddenly. There was a profound and deeply felt grief that was shared by so many. An excerpt from the Facebook text of producer Robert Townson wrote expressing his own sadness from that terrible evening:

“James was embracing and beginning a ...

House Of Cards Concert Suite In Krakow !

House of Cards Season 4 Soundtrack CD is out tomorrow Friday April 29th! Enjoy this clip from composer Jeff Beal conducting his House Of Cards music in Krakow 2015!

Happy Birthday Christopher Young !

For over 30 years we've had the good fortune of working with one of the most versatile composers out there, Christopher Young who is celebrating a birthday today! Thank you for all the great music whether it's the delicate themes in "An Unfinished Life" or the horrifying music in your now classic "A Nightmare On Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge" score, you've shown us time and time again why you are are still one of the most in demand composers working today!

Miklós Rózsa BIRTHDAY !

Just the name alone conjures up memories of the golden age of Hollywood and all the great music that came from that era. One of the many composers leading that charge was composer Miklós Rózsa. Whether it's the "The Thief of Bagdad" or "Spellbound" or his Academy Award winning score to "Ben-Hur", Mr. Rózsa delivered high quality music in a career that spanned over 45 years. His music is still sought after. Our Encore edition of his "Fedora" score sold out in a very short time. Which proves his music is just as in demand now then it ever was! Happy Birthday Maestro!

Enjoy our 48 track Miklós Rózsa Centenary Celebration - 

House Of Cards Seasons 1 - 4 VISUAL SOUNDTRACK

Enjoy music from the first four seasons of the popular Netflix series House Of Cards by Emmy winning composer Jeff Beal!

Jerry Goldsmith Birthday Tribute

Jerry Goldsmith would have celebrated his 87th birthday today. As we look back at this musical legacy, let's remind ourselves just how creative Jerry was. From Alien to Planet Of The Apes to Total Recall to Rudy, he showed us time and time again just how good he was at scoring any genre.

Happy Birthday John Williams

For 60 years John Williams has been capturing our imagination with his gorgeous heartfelt and thrilling movie music! We wish him the very best today on his birthday!


IFMCA Soundtrack Nominations

The International Film Music Critics Association just announced their 2015 soundtrack nominations.  We are honored to have been nominated in 10 categories including Best Original Score For A Drama Film (Carol by Carter Burwell) and Film Music Label Of The Year!  Please check out their official page for all the nominations!


The Man From Snowy River Visits Varèse Sarabande's Office!

Office visitors are always fun! Yesterday's visitor was the legendary Bruce Rowland, composer of The Man From Snowy River, Return To Snowy River and Phar Lap! Bruce's stunning, pastoral and much much loved score for 1982's The Man From Snowy River is one of the best-selling Varèse Sarabande releases in history! Most definitely one of the early releases that this company was founded on. Lots of Varèse history in this photo, not to mention Bob Peak's portrait of Jerry Goldsmith, with Jerry looking over my shoulder! Bruce Rowland and Robert Townson. Beverly Hills, CA. January 27, 2016.


WHIPLASH was nominated in the category of Best Score Soundtrack For Visual Media by The Grammy's!  The 58th Annual Grammy's hosted by LL Cool J will air February 15th from the Staples Center!

The WHIPLASH soundtrack consists of 24 tracks sequenced in 3 distinct parts: Original jazz songs written for the film, original underscore written for the film, and classic jazz standards by Stan Getz, Duke Ellington and more. There are also choice snippets of dialog included on the soundtrack that sum up the narrative of the film and help to put the music in context (à la Pulp Fiction). The Original Score & Big Band Songs were created by Justin Hurwitz. The original jazz songs were created by Grammy®-nominated composer, Tim Simonec.

Check out our exclusive website dedicated exclusively to the WHIPLASH soundtrack -

Varèse Sarabande At The Oscars!

Varèse Sarabande At The Oscars!

Carol - The Movie and Sicario represented Varèse Sarabande's 16th and 17th nominations in the Best Score categories since the company was founded in 1978. Things got off to a good start right away with Georges Delerue being nominated (and winning!) Best Score for 1979 (A Little Romance). Looking back you realize what a wonderfully diverse group of composers comprise our previous 15 nominations. Which score is your favorite?

1979 A Little Romance– Georges Delerue - winner
1985 Agnes of God – Georges Delerue

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