Studio Chat w/ Lalo Schifrin

Legendary composer Lalo Schifrin ("Mission Impossible" theme song, Rush Hour) sat down with us to discuss his score and the movie, Boulevard Nights.  Sit back and enjoy this next entry in our Studio Chat series!

Sully Composers Christian Jacob & Tierney Sutton 5 ?'s

Recently we sat down with composer Christian Jacob and Tierney Sutton who worked on and wrote music for the Clint Eastwood directed film starring Tom Hanks about the airline captain who landed a commercial plane on the Hudson River.

1. Describe the SULLY soundtrack on Varese Sarabande.
Christian Jacob: The Tierney Sutton Band (TSB) has been together for over 20 years and has been known for its collaborative process of arranging music. The scoring ...

(Photo Credit: Dave Alloca) (Christian Jacob & Tierney Sutton at the NY premiere)

Studio Chat w/ Charles Fox

Recently we sat down with composer Charles Fox (Short Circuit 2, Oh God Book 2, The Love Boat & Happy Days Theme Songs) in his studio to discuss one of his latest releases on our label, SEASONS. Sit back and enjoy as Charles discusses how this album came to be and lots of other cool tidbits! Lights, Camera, Action with Charles Fox!