5 Questions with Trevor Rabin!

One of Varese's favorite composers gets the "5 Questions" treatment as Trevor Rabin discusses his work on the Soundtrack to the TV show, 12 Monkeys.  The album will release on July 31st. 

1. Describe your latest soundtrack on Varese?

The 12 Monkey score which I'm doing with my long time assistant Paul Linford, is a hybrid score of ethnic sounds, orchestra, and electronic, with a strong theme base.

5 Questions with Sergio Moure

Varese sat down with composer, Sergio Moure, for our regular 5 Questions feature.  His latest project for the soundtrack, Extinction, will release digitally on Aug 14th.  A limited edition physical release is scheduled for later this year.

1. Describe the Extinction soundtrack.
From the beginning, after reading the script, I knew I had a very important task when dealing with the emotions. Extinction is a story that delves into the deepest feelings, and I as a composer must reflect that. I wanted to make an emotional soundtrack, but also with some epic and rhythmic moments typical for the genre.

Congrats to Abel Korzeniowski!

"It’s absolutely thrilling to be nominated for two emmys for my work on Penny Dreadful. In this happy moment, I’d like to express my love and admiration for the show, the cast and the entire production team. "  - Abel Korzeniowski