Arthur Lyman: Very Best Of

Arthur Lyman: Very Best Of

Arthur Lyman: Very Best Of

Arthus Lyman

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Release Date: 03/26/2002

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As the vibraphonist for Martin Denny’s group, Arthur Lyman was instrumental in crafting the sound of exotica. Going solo in 1957, he brought the lilting sounds of Hawaii to the upper reaches of the pop charts with “Yellow Bird.” Like Martin Denny, Arthur Lyman perfectly captured America’s fascination with all things Polynesian, offering up the ideal soundtrack for lounges lit by tiki torches where umbrella-festooned cocktails are served by lovely lei-laden ladies. Surrounded by a handful of fine musicians, Arthur Lyman has recorded some of the most enjoyable music to ever come from the 50th state. This CD features some of Arthur Lyman’s best recordings, which evoke the beauty and enchantment of that wonderful place known as Hawaii.


  1. Yellow Bird (2:45)
  2. Hawaiian War Chant (3:43)
  3. Theme From "Adventures In Paradise" (2:51)
  4. La Paloma (2:30)
  5. Misirlou (2:56)
  6. Fire Down Below (2:30)
  7. Quiet Village (3:46)
  8. Havah Nagila (2:35)
  9. Caravan (2:32)
  10. Love Dance (2:30)
  11. Jungle Drums (2:27)
  12. Bolero (4:06)
  13. The Moon Of Manakoora (2:40)
  14. Love For Sale (3:01)
  15. Taboo (4:56)
  16. Blue Hawaii (3:26)
  17. Anna (1:58)
  18. Beyond The Reef (2:15)