Unnatural (CD)

Unnatural (CD)

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Edwin Wendler

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Release Date: 10/16/2015

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UNNATURAL offered composer Edwin Wendler (I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE III: VENGEANCE IS MINE, TALES OF HALLOWEEN) a chance to create “a chilling trip to some dark, musical places, with the most aggressive music I have ever written.”

A morally ambiguous corporation experiments with genetic modification resulting in the creation of a man-hunting creature. When it escapes, a group of unsuspecting cabin dwellers become its prey in a horrifying game of cat and mouse.

Written by Ron Carlson & Arch Stanton, directed by Hank Braxtan and produced by Ron Carlson, UNNATURAL preys on our fear of the unknown.  The film stars James Remar (DEXTER), Sherilyn Fenn (RUDE AWAKENING), Graham Greene (THE GREEN MILE), Stephanie Hodes (LIFE BLOOD), Q’orianka Kilcher (THE NEW WORLD), Ivana Korab (IF YOU ONLY KNEW), Ray Wise (ROBOCOP), and Allegra Carpenter (THE FAULT IN OUR STARS).

Limited Edition of 1000 copies


1. Clobirch Intro (1:07)
2. Unnatural Main Title (2:44)
3. Mementos (:49)
4. Lab Incident (3:14)
5. Peeping Tom (2:02)
6. The Collision (1:10)
7. Deadly Photo Shoot (3:08)
8. The Fate Of Nate (5:06)
9. The Unexpected Guest (1:40)
10. Bad News For Buff (3:36)
11. Questions And Lies (2:38)
12. Closing In (4:25)
13. Martin's Expedition (5:56)
14. The Hunter Becomes The Hunted (5:10)
15. Lodge Attack (5:12)
16. Bear Traps (4:51)
17. Clobirch Rebirth (1:04)
18. Unnatural End Credits (4:41)

Bonus Tracks:
19. Unnatural Main Title (Alternate) (2:44)
20. Lab Incident (Alternate Beginning) (2:06)
21. The Fate Of Nate (Alternate Ending) (:52)
22. Unnatural End Credits (Alternate) (4:09)