Ultimate Legacy, The

Ultimate Legacy, The

Ultimate Legacy, The

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Various Artists

Release Date:01/6/2017

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 The Ultimate Legacy is the third installment of the ULTIMATE movie franchise.  Based on the Jim Stovall novels, the first two films did millions at the box office before selling then 700K DVD's. The Ultimate Legacy made it's film premiere on The Hallmark Channel before a small theatrical run, and will be released January 10th on DVD.  The soundtrack to the Ultimate Legacy features a mix of songs  from contemporary Christian artists and the score from Rob Pottorf. The perfect complement to this faith based movie starring  Raquel Welch and Brian Dennehy.


1. Paralyzed – Rodney Eldridge & Millennial
2. Where The River Flows – Kelly Morrison
3. Trusting – Philip Michael Jack
4. Blessed – Beau Davidson
5. The Ultimate Legacy - Rob Pottorf
6. Miss Sally’s Office Visit - Rob Pottorf
7. Less Than A Month - Rob Pottorf
8. Your Grandmother Has Passed - Rob Pottorf
9. A Little More Hands On - Rob Pottorf
10. Flat Tire - Rob Pottorf
11. You Actually Haven’t Inherited Anything - Rob Pottorf
12. You Want Your Money, Sign It - Rob Pottorf
13. The Memorial Gardens - Rob Pottorf
14. The Golden Ratio - Rob Pottorf
15. Happy To Let The Anderson Legacy Die - Rob Pottorf
16. Verbal Dancing - Rob Pottorf
17. A Little Too Much - Rob Pottorf
18. A Little Je Ne Sais Quoi - Rob Pottorf
19. He Was Killed In A Plane Crash - Rob Pottorf
20. Facing Your Demons - Rob Pottorf
21. Waking Up Is More Important - Rob Pottorf
22. Never Done Anything Like This Before - Rob Pottorf
23. So How’d We Do - Rob Pottorf
24. Gimmie The Money - Rob Pottorf
25. The Final Gifts - Rob Pottorf
26. I Love You Gramma G - Rob Pottorf
27. I Was Thinking, Mrs Anderson - Rob Pottorf