Tish Hinojosa: After The Fair

Tish Hinojosa: After The Fair

Tish Hinojosa: After The Fair

Tish Hinojosa

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Release Date: 09/03/2013

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The songs on After The Fair are equal parts emotion, wonder and illusion. Produced and Arranged by Moe Jaksch, he created a sturdy foundation of guitars, percussion, and bass. Through his direction, Tish wrote songs and performed vocals such as she had never attempted before. A high wire act, no net required. Tish found the songs in herself and sauntered outside her safe circle and found songs she loved and wanted to share.

The album features the Paul McCartney song “A Certain Softness” (Me Captivo Con Su Mirar) translated into Spanish. It originally appeared on his album Chaos and Creation in the Backyard. In addition the album includes the Woody Guthrie song “Deportee,” also translated into Spanish.


1. Cobblestones (3:49)
2. Infinity Times Ten (3:40)
3. After The Fair (4:30)
4. Me Captivo Con Su Mirar (A Certain Softness) (3:39)
5. I Will Do The Breathing (3:44)
6. Los Deportados (Deportee) (4:25)
7. Doing What I Can (3:08)
8. I Saw An Alien (2:52)
9. Tu Cancion (2:39)
10. Fall Again (3:36)
11. Crazy Old Dream (3:52)

Digital Only Bonus Track:
12. The Knot (3:23)