Voices, The (Digital Only)

Voices, The (Digital Only)

Voices, The (Digital Only)

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Olivier Bernet

UPC: 030206734706
Release Date: 03/18/2016



Jerry (Ryan Reynolds) is that chipper guy clocking the nine-to-five at a bathtub factory, with the offbeat charm of anyone who could use a few friends. With the help of his court-appointed psychiatrist, he pursues his office crush (Gemma Arterton). However, the relationship takes a sudden, murderous turn after she stands him up for a date. Guided by his evil talking cat and benevolent talking dog, Jerry must decide whether to keep striving for normalcy, or indulge in a much more sinister path.  Olivier Bernet (Chicken With Plums) has composed a fun score for this comedy/horror film from director Marjane Satrapi.




1. Don't Mess With Milton (2:25)
2. The Fourth Angel (1:44)
3. Fiona's Murder (2:11)
4. Knock On Another Door (3:27)
5. Jerry And Fiona Theme (:51)
6. A Girl Named Li (1:09)
7. In The Woods (:43)
8. Pills (3:06)
9. Mother (1:52)
10. Jerry Returning Home (1:22)
11. The Cutting (2:16)
12. Monkey Machine (1:28)
13. Jerry And Lisa In The Bar (:53)
14. The Colleagues (1:21)
15. Lisa's Murder (4:22)
16. Jesus Dad (3:56)
17. Like A Dog (3:15)
18. Knock On Another Door Reprise (4:34)