SpongeBob Movie, The: Sponge Out of Water

SpongeBob Movie, The: Sponge Out of Water

SpongeBob Movie, The: Sponge Out of Water

Music From The Motion Picture
John Debney

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Release Date: 03/31/2015

Limited Edition Of 2000 Copies

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John Debney’s symphonic score to The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water,  kicks up the energy of this animated blockbuster with a bright, orchestral score befitting of the world’s favorite sea dwelling invertebrate. “Writing the score for Spongebob was a uniquely fun experience,” said Debney. “The idea of working on such an iconic show like Spongebob was exciting and gratifying. The score runs the gamut from traditional Spongebob music with Hawaiian guitar and ukulele to large symphonic landscapes.”

Limited Edition of 2000 copies


  1. Burger Beard On Island (3:09)
  2. Burger Beard Starts To Read Story (:35)
  3. Plankton Attack / Tank Defeat / Giant Robot / Trying To Steal Formula (4:07)
  4. Torturing Plankton / Refund (3:18)
  5. Escaping In A Bubble (2:33)
  6. The End / Get Him (5:06)
  7. Going To Sleep / Inside SpongeBob’s Brain (2:09)
  8. Getting The Key / Plankton Rescues Karen (1:53)
  9. Intro Bubbles (2:08)
  10. Stealing Formula Back / Pirate Ship And Food Truck (2:53)
  11. My Very Own Food Truck / Sandy Proposes Sacrifice (1:49)
  12. Bubbles To The Rescue / Beach Search For Krabby Pattys (3:56)
  13. Beachfront Antics / Bike Path Encounters / Home Of The Krabby Patty (2:54)
  14. Story Rewrites / Invincabubble (2:50)
  15. Chasing Burger Beard / Team Worked (4:04)
  16. Not So Fast Burger Beard / PlankTON / Real Teamwork (5:47)