Crow, The (Fire Splatter Vinyl)

Crow, The (Fire Splatter Vinyl)

Original Motion Picture Score
Graeme Revell

UPC: 030206549959
Release Date: 12/21/2015

Limited edition of 1000 copies



The Crow - (Vinyl)

Music by Graeme Revell

Fire Splatter Colored Vinyl

Limited to 1000 copies!

Available exclusively through BAM (Books A Million).


Brandon Lee's portrayal of The Crow is one of the enduring film characters of the 1990's, and a fixture on t-shirts and collectibles. This is the first time any Crow album has been released on vinyl. The outer cover features a new comic book artist rendering of The Crow from a pivotal scene in the film. The original CD cover is represented on side 1 of the full color inner sleeve. The release lands on the same date of the film's seminal event of 'Devil's Night.' Oct 30th!




1. Birth Of The Legend (6:17) 
2. Resurrection (2:10) 
3. The Crow Descends (2:32) 
4. Remembrance (2:55) 
5. Rain Forever (2:32) 
6. "Her Eyes...So Innocent" (2:46) 
7. Tracking The Prey (3:36) 
8. Pain And Retribution (2:34) 


1. Believe In Angels (3:31) 
2. Captive Child (2:33) 
3. Devil's Night (2:30) 
4. On Hallowed Ground (2:42) 
5. Inferno (5:03) 
6. Return To The Grave (3:45) 
7. Last Rites (3:55)