Dwight Twilley: Soundtrack

Dwight Twilley: Soundtrack

Dwight Twilley: Soundtrack

Dwight Twilley

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Release Date: 10/04/2011

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Soundtrack is not an album with all the best cuts jammed at the beginning. It plays like a book that urges you to read from start to finish. The album is a masterful production with 12 all new astonishing Dwight Twilley songs.

Special guests on the album include Susan Cowsill (The Cowsills) who contributed her typically amazing harmonies on “Bus Ticket”, “God Didn’t Do It” and “The Cards Will Fall,” and fellow Tulsan Taylor Hanson (Hanson) who adds organ and magical keyboard sprinkles to "The Cards Will Fall” and “The Last Time Around.”


1. You Close Your Eyes (4:14)
2. Bus Ticket (3:39)
3. Tulsa Town (4:14)
4. Skeleton Man (4:34)
5. My Life (4:00)
6. God Didn’t Do It (4:21)
7. Out in the Rain (3:50)
8. Soundtrack (4:36)
9. The Lonely One (4:22)
10. The Cards Will Fall (3:58)
11. Good Things Come Hard (4:04)
12. The Last Time Around (5:30)