Danny Elfman: So Lo

So Lo

Danny Elfman: So Lo

Danny Elfman

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Release Date: 11/24/2014

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“The Missing Oingo Boingo Album”

So-Lo is the only solo album by Danny Elfman and was originally released in 1984. It was performed by members of Oingo Boingo, but deliberately not released under the Oingo Boingo name in order to circumvent a dispute with the band's record label. Elfman stated that he used the opportunity to release material that would not be suitable for an actual Oingo Boingo album, moving away from the band's ska origins and more towards mainstream synthpop. He described it as "chance to experiment with slower tempos", with no intention of beginning a solo career.

Features the bonus track the original mix of “Gratitude,” which was only released as a single and as part of the Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack.

The album has been out of print on CD for more than 10 years.

In recent years Elfman has found enormous success as a composer for such films as Batman, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, Dark Shadows, Planet of The Apes and Spider Man.


1. Gratitude
2. Cool City
3. Go Away
4. Sucker For Mystery
5. It Only Makes Me Laugh
6. The Last Time
7. Tough As Nails
8. Lightning
9. Everybody Needs


Bonus Track:
10. Gratitude (single edit) (4:08)