Snake Pit, The & Three Faces Of Eve

Snake Pit & Three Faces Of Eve

Snake Pit, The & Three Faces Of Eve

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Alfred Newman, Robert Emmett Dolan

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Release Date: 10/04/2010

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An Alfred Newman masterpiece comes to CD for the first time! Any Alfred Newman premiere is a major event but when it's one of the finest of all his scores, things get really exciting! The Snake Pit is a landmark film from 1948, which starred the great Olivia de Havilland and was directed by Anatole Litvak (Anastasia). Both were nominated for Oscars, as was Newman. Even the film itself was nominated for Best Picture.

Virginia Cunningham (de Havilland) appeared to have had an idyllic life - a nice home, a loving husband and prospects for a writing career. But, something just wasn't right. Confusion, doubts about her husband's love, even violent outbursts, led Virginia to be confined in a mental institution. She is put through a series of brutal treatments, including being forced into close quarters with patients whose disorders far exceed her own. The belief - the shock of the experience will return her to sanity.

Another classic debuts here - Robert Emmett Dolan's The Three Faces of Eve. While Dolan may not be well-known, the music for The Three Faces of Eve is, - by turns, sober and sprightly, disturbing and poignant and it's always distinctive and beautiful.

Eve White (JoAnne Woodward), a mousy, withdrawn housewife startles her husband (David Wayne) when she claims she did not buy the flashy, provocative clothes he finds in their bedroom. After she complains of blackouts, he takes her to a psychiatrist (Lee J. Cobb) who soon encounters her second personality, Eve Black, a sexy, uninhibited woman. As Eve's therapy continues, her third self, the sensible, intelligent Jane, appears to help resolve her rare multiple personality condition. Based on a true story, this acclaimed psychological drama brilliantly explores the dimensions of the human mind.


The Three Faces Of Eve


1. Eve White (7:12)
2. Main Title (1:20)
3. Eve Black (4:19)
4. Hospital (3:23)
5. Stepping Out (2:28)
6. Hold Me (Little Jack Little, Dave Oppenheim, Ira Schuster / vocal by Joanne Woodward) (2:58)
7. Eve And Ralph (2:27)
8. I Never Knew (Tom Pitts, Ray Egan, Roy Marsh / vocal by Joanne Woodward) (1:09)
9. Hypnosis (2:39)
10. Who Is This Woman? (5:26)
11. Eve And Bonnie / Regression (4:04)
12. The Red Dress (3:14)
13. Little Eve (1:25)
14. Remembrance and Finale (3:11)

The Snake Pit

15. Main Title (1:48)
16. Virginia (1:07)
17. Shock Treatment (2:47)
18. Confusion (:42)
19. Hysteria (2:59)
20. Robert's Visit (3:22)
21. Narco-Synthesis (1:10)
22. Chicago (1:29)
23. Gordon (1:49)
24. The Crash (:58)
25. The Bite (:58)
26. A Box Of Candy (1:00)
27. The Past (2:07)
28. Childhood (3:11)
29. The Snake Pit (:54)
30. Going Home (2:27) (includes excerpt from the “New World” Symphony #9, by Antonin Dvorak)