Rise of the Legend

Rise of the Legend

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Shigeru Umebayashi

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Release Date: 02/01/2016

Limited Edition Of 1000 Copies

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Rise of the Legend is the beautiful and exotic new score from Shigeru Umebayashi, the composer of House of the Flying Daggers and Curse of the Golden Flowers.

Rise of the Legend is an epic “origin story” of sorts. In the late Qing Dynasty of the mid-19th century Guangzhou is mired in corruption, poverty and crime. The Black Tiger gang, run by the ruthless Master Lei (veteran Sammo Hung), and the North Sea gang are pitted in a war for the control of the lucrative port. Wong Fei Hung (Peng, Cold War, Doze Niu’s Love) breaks into the Black Tiger gang and his skilled fighting quickly earns the confidence of Lei and he becomes his fourth “son.” Naturally, Wong has ulterior motives: similar thugs murdered Wong’s teacher/doctor father (Tony Leung Ka-fai) when he was nine. On top of that, Wong and his childhood friends Fiery (Jing Boran, The Guillotines) and Chun (Wang Luodan) are out to destroy the gangs completely as yet another gang, the Orphans, and bring justice back to the Guangzhou.

Shot in China, Rise of the Legend was directed by Roy Chow and stars Eddie Peng,

Limited Edition of 1000 copies


1. Rise Of The Legend Mandolin Waltz (3:12)
2. W.F.H Act 1 (2:26)
3. Dark World (3:11)
4. Young Wong Fei Hung (2:19)
5. Cave Of BUDHA (2:17)
6. Key To The Vault (1:46)
7. My Life Is Your Life (1:45)
8. Human Trafficking (1:04)
9. W.F.H Act 2 (1:39)
10. W.F.H Act 3 (4:34)
11. Violin For Romance (2:19)
12. Young Brothers (3:10)
13. W.F.H Act 4 (3:35)
14. Gangsters’s Orphan (1:52)
15. Mandolin Waltz 2 (2:28)
16. Violin For Seduction (5:07)
17. Tension (3:38)
18. W.F.H Act 5 (5:00)
19. Rise Of The Legend Theme (2:36)