Replicas (Digital Only)

Replicas (Digital Only)

Replicas (Digital Only)

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Jose "Pepe" Ojeda and Mark Kilian

UPC: 030206758108
Release Date: 01/11/2019



Replicas is a science fiction thriller starring Keanu Reeves, Alice Eve, and Thomas Middleditch.  A biologist violates all possible laws and principles in order to bring back to life members of his family, who died in a car accident. José Ojeda is a Latin American composer with 20 years of credits while Mark Kilian is a South African composer best known for his work on Pitch Perfect. 


1. Opening Scene
2. Mona’s Imprint
3. More That Makes Us Human
4. I should Have Died Too
5. Mapping Sequence
6. Zoe Redux
7. Boat Abduction
8. I’ll Delete Her
9. They’re on The Move
10. Deleting Zoe
11. Breakfast
12. They’re A Foot Taller
13. Only Three Pods
14. Pod Calculations
15. Why Are You Stuck on That?
16. Mona Wakes Up
17. Social Media Catchup
18. Zoe Packup
19. I’m Not Ready
20. Jones Redux
21. New Donor
22. Who Am I?
23. Unicorn Goes Home
24. Bill Has Pneumonia
25. We’ve Been Looking in The Wrong Place
26. Ed Is Dead
27. Something’s Wrong
28. Self Map
29. Bill’s Imprint
30. What Would You Have Done?
31. Jones Knows
32. End Credits
33. I Will Live Forever (Performed by Rick Garcia and Liela Avila)
34. Mona’s Imprint (Varien Remix)