Passage To Dawn (CD)

Passage To Dawn (CD)

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Diego Navarro

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Release Date: 05/22/2017

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The great Spanish composer Diego Navarro has completed a new and powerful symphonic score for Andreu Castro’s film Passage To Dawn (Pasaje al Amanecer). Such beautiful and touching writing for piano, cello and symphony orchestra. There is also an absolutely stunning lullaby featuring voice and choir.

It is the year 2004. Javier (Nicolás Coronado), decides to go as a photojournalist to Fallujah, the heart of the conflict in Iraq. Before leaving he must tell his family and his girlfriend. He will have to do it on Christmas Eve. The news cracks the family foundation. Life and relationships of all will be changed forever. Passage to Dawn is the debut of Andreu Castro, who wrote and directed this film.



1. Manufacturing Memories (2:28)
2. Dreamcatcher (1:01)
3. Candela (1:28)
4. The Announcement (1:21)
5. Manuela (2:23)
6. A Chance To Choose (2:11)
7. A Long Distance (2:43)
8. Revelation (1:36)
9. The Star Of David (1:58)
10. Alone (1:43)
11. Promise Me, You Will Be Back (1:58)
12. The Mail (2:18)
13. Misha & Mira (4:58)
14. The Three Doors (1:40)
15. Overnight My Lap Belongs To You (2:38)
16. Life Gave Me Another Chance (3:43)
17. Moonlight - Clair de Lune by Claude Debussy (5:31)
18. Lullaby (4:38)
19. To The Core Of The Soul (5:03)
20. Passage To Dawn - Main Theme (4:48)