Once Around

Once Around

Once Around

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
James Horner

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Release Date: 02/05/1991

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This romantic comedy from 1991 starred Richard Dreyfuss, Holly Hunter, Danny Aiello and Gena Rowlands.  Renata Belle feels like a failure until she attends a real estate seminar and meets a very peculiar man.  Her life and her families lives will never be the same.

James Horner who is no stranger to dramas creates a peaceful and nostalgic score for this fan favorite.  


1.      Big Band On Ice [4:38]
2.      The Apology [4:15]
3.      Fly Me To The Moon - Danny Aiello [2:29]
4.      Emperor Waltz [5:32]
5.      The Arrival [2:07]
6.      Sulu Kule (Karsllama) - George Abdo [3:35]
7.      Fly Me To Moon [1:16]
8.      Glory Of Love - Danny Aiello [1:33]
9.      A Passage Of Time [8:42]