Original Television Soundtrack
Bill Conti

Release Date:12/4/15


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Original Television Soundtrack

Music Composed and Conducted by Bill Conti

In keeping with our 1985 theme for this batch, we are bringing back two more great scores from this iconic year.  Bill Conti’s epic score for North and South has previously only been released as a 4 CD boxed set.  We are happy to now offer this single CD of highlights from this outstanding score.

Bill Conti’s sprawling and epic score for the mini-series North and South was one of our CD Club’s greatest releases.   If you like your film music to be loaded with themes, lushly orchestrated and sounding glorious, look no farther.  And North and South wasn’t even a film!  The 1980s were a time of event television.  The Winds of War, The Thorn Birds, Masada and North and South were the big ones.  For North and South, Bill Conti composed what may be his magnum opus.  The Warner Bros. Television mini-series was broadcast in November of 1985 on ABC, in six two-hour installments.  Conti’s score filled 29 reels of tape!  There were over 600 recorded takes!  The original 4 CD set has now been distilled down to 76 minutes of spectacular highlights.

Based on the novel by John Jakes, North and South starred Patrick Swayze, James Read, Lesley-Anne Down, Wendy Kilbourne, Kirstie Alley, Jean Simmons, Terri Garber and Genie Francis and Davis Carradine, along with such guest stars as Robert Mitchum, Hal Holbrook, Johnny Cash, Gene Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor and Forest Whitaker.  The story followed the lives of two friends, Orry Main and George Hazard, who met at West Point Academy, during the years leading up to the Civil War.

If you were around in the 80s, you could not have missed this one.  If you weren’t, and don’t know this score, please check out the sound clips.  This is a very special release!

Limited Edition of 1000 copies



1. Main Title (3:36)
2. Eggs Ashton (1:13)
3. Orry’s Odyssey (3:00)
4. The Kerchief (2:14)
5. Orry Meets George (1:33)
6. En Garde, Bent (2:02)
7. To Madeline’s (:59)
8. Mont Royal (:41)
9. Madeline’s Marriage (1:48)
10. Wedding Night (4:10)
11. Good Old Alice (2:00)
12. Churabusco Bridge (1:59)
13. Constance (3:28)
14. Church Meeting (4:29)
15. Main Title (2:46)
16. Morning Train (3:29)
17. Madeline And Orry (4:26)
18. Charles Meets Salem (1:21)
19. Carolina Gentlemen (1:12)
20. Madeline’s Surprise (2:44)
21. Virgilia And Grady (2:37)
22. A Good Slave (2:05)
23. Billy And Brett (2:22)
24. Grady Gets His Freedom (4:33)
25. Madeline Gets Justin (2:06)
26. Billy’s Duel (3:21)
27. I’ll Take Care (1:42)
28. Here’s Virgilia (:48)
29. Virgilia’s Things (1:41)
30. Friends Farewell (2:38)
31. End Credits (1:32)