Ray Price: A New Place To Begin

New Place To Begin

Ray Price: A New Place To Begin

Ray Price

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Release Date: 10/27/2014

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Ray Price passed away in December 2013 at the age of 87.  His recording career spanned seven decades during which he scored almost 100 hits on the country charts including close to 50 top 10 hits.  A member of the Country Music Hall of Fame, Price has left us with a legacy of classic country recordings.

In 1983 Price signed with record producer Snuff Garrett's Viva Records (which was jointly owned by Clint Eastwood).  Garrett, a native Texan, had been producing hits since the late 1950's with rock and roll artists such as Bobby Vee, Gary Lewis and the Playboys and Cher.  He'd also produced recordings by Frank Sinatra, Peggy Lee and Sarah Vaughan as well as creating the highly successful 50 Guitars of Tommy Garrett album series.  Garrett produced a fine album by Price along with several outstanding singles, some of which appeared in the Clint Eastwood films Honkytonk Man and Any Which Way You Can.  Unfortunately, illness sidelined Garrett for a period of time and as a result a number of Price's recordings from this period remained unreleased until now.  Featured here are the seven chart singles from the Price—Garrett association along with eight previously unreleased recordings.


1. (I’m Looking For) A New Place To Begin (Ray Price with the Cherokee Cowboys) (2:43)
2. Everyone Get’s Crazy Now and Then (2:53)
3. Better Class Of Loser (Ray Price with the Cherokee Cowboys) (4:00)
4. What Am I Gonna Do Without You (Ray Price
With the Cherokee Cowboys) (3:25)
5. I’ll Sail My Ship Alone -
Previously unreleased recording (2:33)
6. Nothing To Go On - Previously unreleased recording (3:02)
7. Stormy Weather - Previously unreleased recording (3:40)
8. Starting New Memories - Previously unreleased recording (2:56)
9. Willie Write Me A Song (3:00)
10. San Antonio Rose (Ray Price with Johnny Gimble & The Texas Swing Band) (3:35)
11. Old Loves Never Die - Previously unreleased recording (3:44)
12. One Fiddle, Two Fiddle (Ray Price with Johnny Gimble &
The Texas Swing Band) (2:18)
13. I’m The Last One You Remember
(and The Last One You Forget) - Previously unreleased recording (2:46)
14. Coors In Colorado (3:04)
15. One Away From One Too Many - Previously unreleased recording (2:18)
16. Scotch and Soda (2:42)