Miller's Crossing

Miller's Crossing

Miller's Crossing

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Carter Burwell

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Release Date: 10/16/1990

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Tom Reagan (played by Gabriel Byrne) is the right-hand man, and chief adviser, to a mob boss, Leo (Albert Finney). Trouble is brewing between Leo and another mob boss, Johnny Caspar (Jon Polito), over the activities of a bookie, Bernie Bernbaum (John Turturro) and Leo and Tom are at odds on how to deal with it. Meanwhile, Tom is in a secret relationship with Leo's girlfriend, Verna (Marcia Gay Harden), who happens to be the sister of Bernie. In trying to resolve the issue, Tom is cast out from Leo's camp and ultimately finds himself stuck in the middle between several deadly, unforgiving parties.

Carter Burwell's collaboration with the Cohen brothers is historic.  Enjoy another great collaboration with this original score.


1.      Opening Titles (1:53)
2.      Casper Laid Out (1:58)
3.      A Man And His Hat (:56)
4.      King Porter Stomp (2:10)
5.      The Long Way Around (1:39)
6.      Miller's Crossing (2:36)
7.      After Miller's Crossing (:42)
8.      Running Wild (3:06)
9.      Rage Of The Dane (:06)
10.    All A You Whores (:24)
11.    Nightmare In The Trophy Room (1:37)
12.    He Didn't Like His Friends (:22)
13.    Danny Boy (4:07) Performed by Frank Patterson
14.    What Heart ? (:50)
15.    End Titles (4:44)
16.    Goodnight Sweetheart (:54) Performed by Frank Patterson