The Lives Of Others

The Lives Of Others

The Lives Of Others

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Gabriel Yared & Stephane Moucha

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Release Date: 06/12/2007

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East Berlin, 1984. The Cold War is still raging and the communist bloc does not trust its own citizens. A Secret Police agent is tasked with conducting surveillance on a writer and his lover. Over time, rather than being coldly distant, he finds himself being absorbed by their private lives. 

Gabriel Yared and Stéphane Moucha provided the dramatic and thrilling score.


1. The Invisible Front (2:42)
2. HGW 20/7 (5:33)
3. Linienstrasse (2:51)
4. The Betrayal (2:05)
5. The Lives Of Others (5:13)
6. Sonata For A Good Man (1:40)
7. Stasi Informant “Martha” (4:20)
8. Faces Of Love (3:32)
9. Georg Dreyman, Dramatist (1:27)