Joe Versus The Volcano: The Big Woo Edition

Joe Versus The Volcano: The Big Woo Edition

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Georges Delerue

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Release Date: 05/09/2016

Limited Edition Of 2000 Copies

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Masters Film Music returns with “The Big Woo” edition of Georges Delerue’s absolutely magnificent score for Joe Versus The Volcano.  Perhaps an unlikely place to find one of Delerue’s greatest scores of all-time, but that’s what Joe is.  Marooned Without You is a classic Delerue melody and it is used so wonderfully throughout the film.  But there is also some wonderful breezy orchestral jazz, the epic The Storm and The Rescue, beautiful strings and winds.  This is truly a Delerue must–have.  It has been out of print for many years.  We wanted to bring it back, but we had released almost the entire score the first time.  There were a few short cues we could add, plus an alternate version of the big The Storm and The Rescue cue.  Probably most-importantly is the improvement we have made in the sound from the original CD from 14 years ago.  What a joy this album is and so happy to offer it once again.

Laughs erupt when Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan fall in love and fall in lava in "Joe Versus the Volcano", a colorful, stylish laughquake written and directed by Moonstruck Oscar winner John Patrick Shanley.

This first teaming of the peerless stars of Sleepless in Seattle and You've Got Mail follows the follies of a stressed-out guy (Hanks) in a dead-end job who is told he has a terminal "brain cloud". A zany jillionaire (Lloyd Bridges) then makes him an offer that gives him a fleeting taste of the good life. In exchange, he must journey to a Pacific island and leap into a volcano. Is Joe doomed to be the last of the red-hot lovers? Not if the forces of imagination, romantic comedy and the charm of Ryan in three roles as the women in Joe's life have their way.

Limited Edition of 2000 copies


1. Once Upon A Time ... (:21)
2. Brain Cloud (Unused) (3:05)
3. You’ll Be Easy To Replace (Partially Unused, Previously Unreleased) (:39)
4. Dinner With DeDe (2:04)
5. Love Theme (1:12)
5. Joe Alone (:27)
7. Graynamore’s Pitch (1:58)
8. I’ll Do It (1:20)
9. New York (:33)
10. Shopping Spree (Unused) (2:15)
11. Alone In New York (Unused) (1:30)
12. To The Hotel (:48)
13. Understanding Art (Unused, Previously Unreleased) (1:08)
14. To The Ship (2:42)
15. History Of The Waponis (:39)
16. Pat Tells Joe (2:28)
17. Fishing (Unused) (3:27)
18. The Storm and The Rescue (9:12)
19. Hava Nagila and When Johnny Comes Marching Home (1:34)
20. I’ve Got To Go (3:30)
21. Explosion and In The Water (2:05)
22. They Sail Away (1:09)
23. End Credits (6:15)

Bonus Tracks:
24. Storm Rescue (Alternate) (9:29)
25. Music Box Theme (Unused) (1:00)