Genesis: From Genesis To Revelation (Vinyl)

Genesis: From Genesis To Revelation (Vinyl)


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Release Date: 11/28/2014

Limited edition of 3500 copies

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Genesis: From Genesis To Revelation - (Vinyl)

Music by Genesis

180 Gram Vinyl.

Limited to 3500 copies!


Long before Phil Collins joined Genesis, their first album was recorded in the summer of 1968. From Genesis To Revelation was an original concept album, an interpretation of the book of Genesis. The album features Peter Gabriel’s distinctive vocals, with piano and acoustic guitar, and is heavily reliant on complex chord structures. Their sound is reminiscent of The Moody Blues and very early Pink Floyd with a bit more real world sensibility.




1. Where The Sour Turns To Sweet (3:14)
2. In The Beginning (3:14)
3. Fireside Song (4:16)
4. The Serpent (4:36)
5. Am I Very Wrong (3:26)
6. In The Wilderness (3:21)


1. The Conqueror (3:44)
2. IN Hiding (2:56)
3. One Day (3:16)
4. Window (3:53)
5. In Limbo (3:06)
6. Silent Sun (2:08)
7. A Place To Call My Own (1:57)