Gamba (CD)

Gamba (CD)

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Benjamin Wallfisch

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Release Date: 02/01/2016

Limited Edition Of 1000 Copies

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The Adventures of Gamba, was a book of children's literature published in 1972. It’s a grand adventure story of a small mouse and hero and the much-loved tale has now become an epic animated motion picture.

Benjamin Wallfisch is one of the most exciting new names in film music! His music has been heard in such films as Desert Dancer, Hours and Summer In February. Now his magnificent orchestral score for the Japanese animated film Gamba comes to CD! This is a grand symphonic adventure, written it the great tradition of the classics and recorded with the Chamber Orchestra of London at Abbey Road Studios.

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Limited Edition of 1000 copies

Note to Japanese customers: Gamba is already available in Japan and cannot be purchased from this website. Please check your favorite website in Japan. Thank you.


1. Gamba’s World (3:34)
2. Party Mice (1:49)
3. Boss Fight (2:02)
4. The Clan of Noroi (2:25)
5. Stronger Together (3:50)
6. The Map (1:36)
7. Sunrise (1:49)
8. Exploring The Island (1:18)
9. You Can’t Defeat Noroi (1:34)
10. Shioji (2:19)
11. First Fight (1:23)
12. The Plan (3:47)
13. The Weasels Have Come (1:55)
14. Goodbye (1:16)
15. Island Battle (4:15)
16. Hope (2:37)
17. That’s It (2:07)
18. The Water Changes (3:04)
19. Death Of Bobo (2:19)
20. Gamba Fights Noroi (6:31)
21. Noroi Returns (6:49)
22. Victory (4:25)