Riot: Fire Down Under (CD)

Fire Down Below

Riot: Fire Down Under (CD)


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Release Date: 11/24/2014

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Unquestionably the best offering from New York's Riot, Fire Down Under is considered by many to be an early-'80s metal classic. The songs are tight and memorable, the guitars are flashy, and the production is aggressive and slick on this 1981 collection.

The album features the group's best and most recognizable song, "Swords & Tequila."

The album has been out of print on CD for several years.

This reissue feature two bonus tracks:
“Misty Morning Rain”
“You're All I Need Tonight”


1. Swords And Tequila (3:18)
2. Fire Down Under (2:31)
3. Feel The Same (4:52)
4. Outlaw (4:20)
5. Don’t Bring Me Down (2:59)
6. Don’t Hold Back (3:14)
7. Altar Of The King (4:44)
8. No Lies (4:18)
9. Run For Your Life (3:16)
10. Flashbacks (3:59)

Bonus Tracks (expanded with two outtakes from the album sessions):
11. Misty Morning Rain (3:08)
12. You're All I Need Tonight (2:58)