Crypto (Digital Only)

Crypto (Digital Only)

Crypto (Digital Only)

Original Television Soundtrack
Nima Fakhrara

UPC: 888072102163
Release Date: 04/26/2019



A Wall Street banker connects a small-town art gallery to a global conspiracy, putting his own family in grave danger. Music composed by Nima Fakhrara


1. It’s Moments Like These
2. A Unicorn
3. Piece of Country Candy
4. Separation
5. What Is It About A Good View
6. Sleep, Sleepy, Sleep
7. Kryshka
8. Flamethrower
9. Strangers
10. Country Mouse, Town Mouse
11. Let’s Talk Cowboy
12. Behind The Curtain
13. I Don't Know Your Real Name
14. Crypto Suite
15. Chain Suite
16. The Boat Suite
17. Findings Suite
18. Family Suite