Minnie Riperton: Come To My Garden

Minnie Riperton: Come To My Garden

Minnie Riperton: Come To My Garden

Minnie Reperton

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Release Date: 03/26/2002

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No one who’s encountered the awe-inspiring voice of the late Minnie Riperton is ever likely to forget it. Blessed with a five-and-a-half octave range, Minnie’s magnificent flights of vocal fancy were unmatched. Her precious “Lovin’ You,” from her platinum-selling Epic album Perfect Angel sailed to the top of the pop charts in 1975. Features Ramsey Lewis(Piano), Cleveland Eaton (Bass), and Maurice White (Drums), (Earth, Wind and Fire), along with Chess Records house guitarist Phil Upchurch. The album was Produced and Arranged by Charles Stepney, who also produced The Dells and Earth Wind and Fire, among others. He also co-wrote many of Earth Wind and Fire’s biggest hits with Maurice White, including “That’s The Way Of The World.”


1. Les Fleur (3:18)
2. Completeness (3:34)
3. Come To My Garden (3:21)
Introduction and interlude Charles Stepney (4:09)
4. Memory Ban 5 Rainy Day In Centerville (5:24)
6. Close Your Eyes and Remember (3:43)
7. Oh, By The Way (3:05)
8. Expecting (3:56)
9. Only When I’m Dreaming (3:29)
10. Whenever, Wherever (3:34)