Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
David Newman

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Release Date: 08/10/1999

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Hollywood, today: Bobby Bowfinger, a run-down actor-producer-director, is reading a script which a friend has written. Completely convinced of its quality, he decides to take a last shot at fame and fortune. But the script is not that easy to sell, and a famous producer promises him to do it, but there is one condition: Kit Ramsey, Hollywood's number one star, has to be in it. So, Bobby tries his luck with Kit - who says no - and then decides to shoot the film himself. Together with the cheapest team available in Southern California, an aspiring beauty from Ohio, a diva who is just a little over the hill, a key-holding gofer from a major studio and a goon hired away from burger-flipping, Bobby sets out to shoot the science-fiction-film starring Kit Ramsey - who does not even know he's being filmed.

Director Frank Oz (Little Shop Of Horrors) delivers one of the funniest versions of what life is like in Hollywood.  Joining him is composer David Newman (Tarzan, Mr. Destiny) with his hip and serious score.  Also included are several key songs from the film.




1.  There Is Always One More Time (Performed by Johnny Adams) (3:40)
2.  You're A Wonderful One (Performed by Marvin Gaye) (2:44)
3.  And I Love You So (Performed by Perry Como) (3:16)
4.  Mambo U.K. (Performed by ¡Cubanismo!) (5:36)
5.  Super Bad, Super Slick (Performed by James Brown) (4:27)
6.  Secret Agent Man (Performed by Johnny Rivers) (3:05)
7.  Betsy Chases Kit / The First Shot / A Short Ride / Dave Make A Call / Dave Returns Camera (4:21)
8.  Cafe Set-Up / Shooting The Cafe / Stealing Renfro's Car / Auditioning The Butts (3:44)
9.  "Chubby Rain" (1:03)
10.  Cloting Store / Daisy Rescues Kit (1:58)
11.  The Observatory (4:24)
12.  Finale / Fed Ex Delivers (2:49)