Storyville: Bluest Eyes

Storyville: Bluest Eyes

Storyville: Bluest Eyes


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Release Date: 11/07/2006

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Produced by guitarist STEPHEN BRUTON (Bonnie Raitt, Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, T Bone Burnett). Bluest Eyes won six awards at the 1995 Austin Music Awards, including Best Band and Best Single. The album was rated highly in mainstream publications upon its initial release. This album has been out of print for over six years and has become highly sought-after. This CD reissue features the original album art, and includes new liner notes.


1. Bluest Eyes (3:42)
2. Wanted a Miracle (3:57)
3. Carry You Home (5:30)
4. One Rock at a Time (3:23)
5. Wings Won't Let Me Fly (4:12)
6. Mercy Street (5:15)
7. Long Way to Midnight (4:11)
8. Water (5:28)
9. Rain of Love (4:21)
10. Where We Are Now (3:43)
11. A Change Is Gonna Come (4:38)
12. Writing on the Wall (3:51)
13. Darkness (2:05)