25 More Sun Blues Classics

25 More Sun Blues Classics

25 More Sun Blues Classics

Music Collection
Various Artists

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Release Date: 09/24/2002

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This collection features many blues legends including, Joe Hill Louis and Doctor Isaiah Ross, the ebullient Rufus Thomas, harpists Little Junior Parker, Hot Shot Love, and Big Walter Horton, big-voiced Billy (The Kid) Emerson and James Cotton, and guitar virtuoso Earl Hooker.


1. She May Be Yours (But She Comes To See Me Sometime) • Joe Hill Louis
2. Seems Like A Million Years • Willie Nix (The Memphis Blues Boy)
3. Walked All Night* • Charlie Booker
4. Baby’s Gone And Left Me* • Houston Stokes
5. Walking In The Rain • Rufus Thomas, Jr.
6. (Talkin’) Off The Wall* • Walter Horton
7. Fussin’ And Fightin’ Blues • Little Junior’s Blue Flames
8. Save That Money • Rufus Thomas, Jr.
9. Razorback* • Earl Hooker
10. Believe I’ll Settle Down* • Boyd Gilmore
11. My Love Has Gone* • Mose Vinson
12. Chicago Breakdown • Doctor Ross
13. Sittin’ At The Bar* • Little Junior’s Blue Flames
14. High* • Kenneth Banks
15. Harmonica Jam • Hot Shot Love
16. My Baby • James Cotton
17. Gee I Wish* • Billy “Red” Love
18. Satisfied* • Billy (The Kid) Emerson
19. Hold In Me Your Arms • James Cotton
20. Juke Box Boogie • Doctor Ross
21. Move Baby Move* • Billy (The Kid) Emerson
22. So Long Baby Goodbye • Sammy Lewis with Willie Johnson
23. Bring Your Love Back Home • Eddie Snow
24. Trouble Down The Road* Frank Ballard
25. Everything’s Alright Frank Frost
*Originally unissued by Sun