25 Hits From The British Invasion

25 Hits From The British Invasion

25 Hits From The British Invasion

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February 9th 1964 was a pivotal day in the history of rock & roll. That was the Sunday night that The Beatles made their first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show. From that point on, music would never be the same. The British Invasion of America had begun! Of all the movements that have shaken the world of rock & roll, the British Invasion is considered the very most exciting and important. Only rock & roll’s actual birth as a popular phenomenon and the rise of Elvis Presley are comparable. The beginning of the new British sound actually started 40 years ago on October 11, 1962 when The Beatles charted in the U.K. for the first time with “Love Me Do.” Throughout 1963 many of the artists America would later come to hear charted first in the U.K. on a regular basis. Even though it has been more than four decades since the original British invasion the music is as popular today as it was in the 60s. It continues to be discovered by each new generation and remains an influence for many of today’s recording artists.


1. Concrete And Clay • Unit Four Plus Two
2. Tell Her No • The Zombies
3. Yesterday’s Gone • Chad & Jeremy
4. Catch The Wind • Donovan
5. I Knew It All The Time • The Dave Clark Five
6. My Love • Petula Clark
7. I Put A Spell On You • The Alan Price Set
8. Boom Boom • The Animals (Live recording from 1963
9. Telstar • The Tornadoes
10. I’m A Man • The Yardbirds
11. Love Potion Number Nine • The Searchers
12. You Turn Me On (Turn On Song) • Ian Whitcomb and Bluesville
13. It’s Good News Week • Hedgehoppers Anonymous
14. Michelle • David and Jonathan
15. Carrie-Anne • The Hollies
16. Pied Piper • Crispian St. Peters
17. Everyone's Gone To The Moon • Jonathan King
18. Tossing & Turning• The Ivy League
19. To Sir With Love • Lulu
20. Sittin’ On A Fence • Twice As Much
21. I Don’t Want Our Loving To Die • The Herd
22. Let The Heartaches Begin • Long John Baldry
23. Out Of Time • Chris Farlow
24. Friday On My Mind • The Easybeats
25. Itchycoo Park • Small Faces