Thank you all for taking this month long musical journey with us as we looked back at the career of James Horner. We really enjoyed reading and getting to know some of you as you shared on quite a few of our threads what his music meant to you. James Horner left us with so many treasured scores that we'll all be able to enjoy for a lifetime. We look forward to hearing his final score, "The Magnificent Seven" just as much as all of you. So many of his cues and scores really touched us to our core and brought us back to a certain time in our own lives whether it be ALL SYSTEMS GO/THE LAUNCH from "Apollo 13" or "BISHOP'S COUNTDOWN from "Aliens" or THE PLACE WHERE DREAMS COME TRUE from "Field Of Dreams" or the legendary voice over from Leonard Limoy that begins the EPILOGUE/END TITLE from "Star Trek 2: The Wrath Of Khan". With over a 160 credits in a career that spanned more than 35 years, we hope you keep exploring new worlds and new adventures and search out as much music from James Horner as you can.