Varèse Sarabande At The Oscars!

Carol - The Movie and Sicario represented Varèse Sarabande's 16th and 17th nominations in the Best Score categories since the company was founded in 1978. Things got off to a good start right away with Georges Delerue being nominated (and winning!) Best Score for 1979 (A Little Romance). Looking back you realize what a wonderfully diverse group of composers comprise our previous 15 nominations. Which score is your favorite?

1979 A Little Romance– Georges Delerue - winner
1985 Agnes of God – Georges Delerue
1985 Witness – Maurice Jarre
1986 Aliens – James Horner
1990 Ghost – Maurice Jarre
1992 Basic Instinct Instinct – Jerry Goldsmith
1996 First Wives Club– Marc Shaiman
1997 L.A. Confidential – Jerry Goldsmith
1998 Pleasantville – Randy Newman
2002 Far from Heaven– Elmer Bernstein
2003 House of Sand and Fog – James Horner
2006 The Good German – Thomas Newman
2007 Michael Clayton – James Newton Howard
2010 How to Train Your Dragon – John Powell
2014 Mr. Turner – Gary Yershon
2015 Carol – Carter Burwell
2015 Sicario – Jóhann Jóhannsson