As we continue to celebrate the life and legacy of James Horner, lets hear from someone who worked with him on a variety of projects, pianist Bryan Pezzone.

"I've had the great privilege of being a pianist on many of James Horner's scores. Among them are "Bicentennial Man", "A Beautiful Mind", "Troy", "Flight Plan" and most recently, "The Amazing Spider-Man." All of these sessions were unique in that they multiple pianos strewn across the recording stage; no less than 5 of us most of the time! He rarely used a click track and always referred to tempo by frames per second rather than metronome markings. Following his stick especially in cues involving intricate overlapping rhythmic patterns with multiple pianos made us really LISTEN and render a level of beauty and precision that couldn't be achieved in any other way. But what I will always remember are the wonderful days I spent recording and being the ONLY pianist on "Bobby Jones: Stroke Of Genius". The score is gorgeous and I had the opportunity to let the piano lines sing. This was earlier in my career when I first met James. I went to him and started to introduce myself and he looked at me warmly and said affectionately and with humor, 'Oh, I know who YOU are!'. That was a very cool way to begin an amazing journey with an amazing man and composer."

Bryan Pezzone